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Full text of "The Zenith Yearbook, 1993 High Point University"

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Excerpts from Dr. Martinson's Address at Opening Convocation, 1992 

"I submit to you, young people, challenge the culture around you rather than reflect it. 

Following Hurricane Andrew, during a news broadcast in Louisiana the other day, a news- 
caster was standing by a levee, which is, simply put, a man-made embankment to prevent the 
Gulf from flooding the town. He said, 'We aren't worried about these levees. They have been 
here for years and have withstood many storms. But there is considerable concern about the 
new levees on the edge of town. Will they be able to stand? They've never been tested.' I think 
it speaks to the moral world. How do we stand the test? 

Finally, learn how to care. You don't have to do that. It's not in the student handbook, but if 
caring and moral behavior were simply following the rules, we could program a computer to 
be caring and moral. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I want to think that a graduate of 
High Point University is open, honest, serving, and one who cares." 

C__^^^<^^^^>5*-*^ V 

What's the Point? 

To some, the point of leaving home, the secure warmth of a hot meal 
every night and clean clothes all the time, is an easy thing to give up 
when one thinks about escaping to eternal freedom. That's what it is. 
The point of coming to school is to grow up into an independent, 
responsible mature adult. In some cases, though, four years is not 
really enough time. Through education, one finds direction, responsi- 
bility, and personal fulfillment. Education is an ongoing process that 
won't stop. Long after graduation, it continues to be a never-ending 

1 sj J- i 

«^ 1 



K vN\ \ 



I — 


4 Overview 

Above: Freshman Shannon Above: Orientation is a time 
Doorley takes a break during for freshmen to get ac- 
Land Olympics. quainted. 

6 •Orientation 

Left: New students pose for 
the camera before taking their 
placement exam. 

Below: Resident Assistants 
Hilda, Gale and Keena were 
on hand to help welcome the 
new students. 


of the next four years? 

Where do we go from here? That's a ques- 
tion most freshmen ask when entering col- 
lege. Its hard to figure out all at once. The 
faculty and staff at High Point University 
offer a warm and caring environment that aid 
in helping new students in their transition. 
The upcoming four years will bring about 
many new experiences that will hopefully 
mold students into outstanding adults. 

SOS leaders Matt Thompson 
and Christy Colston take a 
break from making student 

SOS leader Kevin Fielder is 
there to answer any question 
a student may have. 

Orientation* 7 

One picture is worth a thousand words. 

November 7, 1992 


Homecoming was once again put on by Student Union Productions. 
It was an evening students from High Point University will remember 
in years to come. Brian Reid, a junior, said, "I remember not getting to the 
dance until 11:30 pm because there was a two hour wait at the restau- 

Students started pouring in Market Square around 10:00 pm and 
partied until 1:00 am the next morning. Laura Rahuba, a sophomore 
commented, "It was okay, but I would have had more fun if I'd had a 

High Point students enjoy the Home- 
coming dance. 

8 • Homecoming 

Left: The Homecoming Court Diane 
Watson, Chris Dudley/ Tracy Terzagian, 
Dan Moore, Dan VanVeelen, Nicole 
Terry, Samantha Dillon, Chip Harris, 
Jacina Hayes, Byron Garrett, Kristy Scott. 

Above: B.M.O.C. Byron Garrett and 
Homecoming Queen Jacina Hayes. 

Left: Monika Lagger bestows permis- 
sion to imbibe. 

Homecoming • 9 

Below: Amy Griffith, Laura Rahuba, 
Debbie Goodwin, and Kelly Johnson 
ride along on the winning float of the 
Phi Mus. 


Above: ZTA sisters show off their castle 
to parade watchers. 

Right: Colleen O'Brien gives a tour to 
visitors during Homecoming weekend. 

10 • Homecoming 

Below: Kristy Scott and Chip Harris get 
ready for the parade. 



The powder puff football game kicked off the 1992 Homecoming 
activities, with Kappa Delta taking home the trophy. On Friday after- 
noon many organizations participated in the parade. Phi Mu sorority 
won the float contest and the Gams won the spirit award. All who 
attended were quite impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the 

On Saturday morning there was a street fair followed by fraternity 
and sorority open houses. Saturday evening was the event all had been 
waiting for: the Homecoming Dance. Those who attended had the time 
of their lives. Alumni and parents who returned and visited were 
thrilled to have been a part of the festivities. 

Above: Several members of the Delta 
Sigma Phi fraternity brave the cold 
weather to participate in the parade. 

Left: Driven by Brian McCarthy, Byron 
Garrett and Jacina Hayes enjoy their open 
chariot during the homecoming parade 
while Dan Moore hangs on. 

Homecoming • 11 

Right: TheTartuffe actors. Back: Ann DeVaro, Reed 
Valentine, Whitney Helms, John Tague, Joe Pinter, 
Nora Doody, Victoria Scott. Front: Elizabeth Palmer, 
Andy Miller, Desmond Dutcher. 

Below: Sam Ranocchia hosts 
the 1940's Radio Hour. 

Above: Kevin Cross, Sam 
Ranocchia, Tim Austin sing 
the hits in 1940's Radio Hour. 

Above: Joe Pinter (standing) 
and Andy Miller in Tartuffe. 

12 • Tower Players 


Productions for 1992-93 

The 1 992-93 season of the Tower Players included the 
following four productions: 

Tlie American Clock by Arthur Miller, directed by 
Ron Law. 

Tartuffe by Moliere, directed by Lynn Terry, Jr. 

jr<v.' <f ^ • i' 1 Home of the Brave bv Arthur Laurerxts, directed by 

Geof Arwood. 

2940 's Radio Hour by W. Jones, directed by Ron Law. 

Left: Andy Miller spies on Above: Beth Palmer and Ann 
Beth Palmer and Desmond DeVaro in Tartuffe. 
Dutcher in Tartuffe. 

Tower Players • 13 

14 • Student Divider 



^■^^^■1 Wf 


■^ > * w ^t 

it ^B^l 



Bfcvtiwi **^ 

' / ' 



Student Divider • 15 

Christina Alaniz 

Troy Alexander 

Daryl Armstrong 

Jennifer Arnold Michael Douglas Ashby 

Alisha Atwell 

Henry Barnes III 

Allan Barnhardt 

left Bassett 

Carla Bisagni 

16 Seniors 

* ■ 



—r jfl 


i • 


Brian Blacksten 

Deborah Blackwell 

Cheryl Bohannon 

Jennifer Shea Bowe 

Bryan Bowles 

Kathleen Bradley 

Helena Brady 

Tammy Branson 

Bryan Brawley 

Ashley Brim 

Seniors 17 

Lisa Brown 

Kristin Brunner 

Corinne Buonocore 

Amy Caldwell 

Horacio Canevazi 

Natalie Capies 

Jill Carpenter 

Tracey Carr 

Mike Cassidy 

Mhari Cattell 

18 Seniors 

Dana Caudill 

Tim Clark 

Brian Coe 

Christy Colston 

Gary Cook 

Brian Cox 

Pamela Cox 

Marcus Cross 

Craig Curty 

Tobias P. Dahm 

Seniors 19 

Ashley Darr 

Andrea D. Deal 

Kimberly DeCelles 

Ann ML DeVaro 

Molly Dickinson 

Pamela Dirks 

Sharon Doby 

Judy Donnelly 

Terrence Donovan 

William Eill 

20 Seniors 

Jennifer Farlow 

Lisa Farmer 

Melissa Ferguson 

Tiffany Ferrera 

Mitzi Fields 

Jeanna Forlines 

Rebecca Fox 

Sallie Frame 

Richard Frampton 

Ian Freeman 

Seniors 21 

Gerald Friasciello 

Ginger Fritts 

Kathleen Gambino 

Dana Golinsky 

William Grant 

Stephanie Gray 

Carol Gwaltney 

Lori Hartman 

Cindy Harvey 

Chad Hedrick 

22 Seniors 

Susan A. Henderson 

Ingrid Hendrix 

Susan Hetherman 

Christina Highfill 

Curtis Hoover 

Wendy Horton 

Chip Howell 

Jennifer Hughes 

Brett Jones 

Darren Jones 

Seniors 23 

Kimberly Jones 

JoAnna Kaney 

Cheryll Kennedy 

Bill Kilbride 

Arlene King 

Barry Kitley 

Daniel Koehler 

Sara Lamb 

Mike Lambert 

Dawn Lambeth 

24 Seniors 

Travis Last 

Tara Lindley 

Julie C. Liner 



Bm •> B^P 


"* J ™™ 



Teresa Loflin 

Deanna Mabe 

Greg Mahaden 

Stacie Mallar 

Mary Malstrom 

Karen Maltota 

Karen Marks 

Seniors 25 

Luis Marquez 

Gwendolyn Martin 

Lisa Mateer 

Brenda Matthews 

Cynthia Mavo 

Lauri McGarrigan Drew McNaughton 

Christopher Miles 

Sara Mock 

Mimi Murphv 

26 Seniors 

James F. Noel 

Katherine Olsen 

Sharon Ostrander 

Garrett Parker 

J. J. Patterson 

Brian Payne 

Elizabeth Penny 

Jennifer Petri 

Kristen Pheifer 

Gale Phelphs 

Seniors 27 

Marcy Phillips 

Pamela Poland 

Shayland Poole 

Shannon Puffenbarger 

Erin Quinn 

Sam Ranocchia 

Jennifer Raymond 

Matthew Reck 

Andy Reitz 

Rick Reynolds 

28 Seniors 

Miguel Riva 

Andrew Robinson 

John Ruff 

Jennifer Sanguiliano Rosa Scarboro 

Susan Schneider 

Jill Schroeder 

Brian L. Shipwash 

Suzanne Sielaty Jonathan F. Simons, Jr. 

Seniors 29 



■^^ ■«> 1 

1 } 



ls ^ w ' '-fy 


Christian Skid more 

James Slagle III 

Cindy Smith 

Ed Smith 

{Catherine Smith 

Ronda Southards 

Susan Surratt 

Crystal Swaim 

D. Scott Sweeney 

Kyle Thompson 

30 Seniors 

Darlene Tiederman 

Charlotte Totulis 

Heather Tucker 

Rich Turbe 

Kristen Vassallo 

Victor Venier 

Andrea Viener 

Christine Virtue 

Andrew Wade 

Stacev Walker 

Jennifer Walters 

Seniors 31 

Jennifer Warhurst 

Diana Welch 

Ashley White 

B. J. Wilcox 

Heather Williams 

Keena Williams 

Lewis Williams 

Tina Wilson 

Kathy Woodward 

Stephen Woodward 

Lori Younts 

Taher Yousef 

32 Seniors 


Stephanie Kay Anderson 
Wade Anderson 
Stephani Batten 

Bill Beckman 
Ruth Bradley 
Tricia Bradley 

Richard R. Bryant, Jr. 
Charita Burke 
Chris Caruso 

Amy Cooke 
Chris Dudley 
Joseph Jason Dwyer 

Juniors 33 

Kevin Evancho 
Leslie Fazio 
Chris Fetner 



Cher Frauenhoffer 
Byron Garrett 
Randy Gooch 

- > , 

Debbie Goodwin 

Anessa Green 

Jennifer Green 

*- > ~*»*«v. -'«- 


Julie Harter 
Brett Havens 
Jacina Hayes 

34 Juniors 


Tracey Henry 
Kerri Holzer 
Tad Huffstetler 

Rita Hunt 

Kelly M. Johnson 

Laurie Key 

Stacy Kopf 
Brooke Lafferman 
Edwin Lagrama 

Cathlyn Lynch 
Daniel McCorguodale 
Tara Meade 

Juniors 35 

Bill Miskovich 
Sarah Moody 
Andy Morgan 


Tonya Murrell 
Susie Mustin 
Edwin Mutua 

Sean Neary 

Lynn Nicholson 

Timothy O'Keefe 

Jennifer Petrie 
April Powell 
Sean Powers 

36 Juniors 


Michelle Reynolds 
Melissa Robbins 
Darren Russell 

Lori Shockley 
Charles Singleton 
Monica Smith 

Beth Steen 
Julie Street 
Michelle Sweeney 

■ «tb ivfl 



Jeanna Thomas 

Bryan Verrone 

Katina West 



V / A 

Linda Yancey 

Juniors 37 

Danny Anderson 

Eric Armstrong 

Joseph Avent 



Matthew Bischotr 

Angela Blake 

Al Booker 



Angela Bracken 

Zandra Brown 

Sean Carter 

Phanmaly Chanthaphone 

Nicola Collings 

Carrie Coulter 

38 Sophomores 



"» r 

' '\ 

Perry Culpepper 
Susan Cupler 
Jeanine Danzi 

Scott Dennis 
Michael Dyess 
Kevin Fielder 

Tony Fleming 
Annemarie Francis 
Elizabeth Gilbert 




Jason Gore 
Amy Griffith 
Emily Hanania 

Sophomores 39 

Chip Harris 
Allison Hedrich 
Tammy Hemric 



Chris Jones 
Marnel Joyce 
Dayton Kiger 

Annette Leonard 

Stacy Littleton 

Sandra Llewellyn 

40 Sophomores 



"» »■*• 


Mary Lyle 
Kate Lynch 
Stephanie Matthews 

Allen McGee 
Amer Nosereddin 
Alisa Palmer 


Gerry Peddycord 
Laura Rahuba 
Kirk Reed 

Sheila Rohe 
Mary Routh 
Kelly Scheuer 

Sophomores 41 


Sean Schwarting 

Kristy Scott 

Allen Seward 




Tracy Spurgeon 

Karin Suess 

Cathy Sutphen 

Dean Tennyson 
Matt Thompson 
Bryan Vaughan 




ciotti'' HHI I I ' srioe"-''- I 

it i \i 


■s 7 

Hank Whitaker 

Charles White 

Micah Wolfington 

*•« i^ 



^ ^p «r 

42 Sophomores 



Julie Angle 
Randy Baker 
Shannon Ball 

Lorice Bell 
Heather Berrier 
Jessica Binkley 

Dean Blankenship 
Kristin Bourne 
Roberta Boylein 

Christa Brown 
Katy Bushko 
Andrew Carroll 

Freshmen 43 

Stephen Coley 

Amy Comparato 

Paul Curry 


l£- r t^ 

Jennifer Davenport 

Katherine Dawson 

Tasha Dillard 

Shawna Dillner 

Nathan Eastland 

Charity Estes 

Dawn Fanabee 

Thomas Feindt 

Joshua Fitzpatrick 

■?& ^ 




44 Freshmen 








Brad Fowler 
Lauren Funkhouser 
Amy Garcia 


» •*>»■ -*^ ' ' 

\\ * ■ 


Kristina Geiger 
Michael Gelardi 
Jeff Goddard 

Johnna Gutierrez 
Heather Haberfield 
Pamela J. Hall 

Dawn Halvorsen 
Stephanie Hedrick 
Heather Henderson 

Freshmen 45 

Candace Hodgin 

Julie Holbrook 

Heather Huff 


Christina Hughes 
Amy Hutchinson 
Stephen Jamison 

Asa Johawsson 

Christopher Johnson 

Lillian Jonas 

Lisa Jones 

Reva Jones 

Tonya Jones 

46 Freshmen 











Diana Kennedy 
Stacy Kiger 
Carrie Klingenberg 

Dean Koonts 
Leigh Korba 
Heather Krimm 

Jennifer LaBrozzi 
Cullen Lambeth 
Michelle Laskey 

Kristal Lassiter 
Mark Lewinter 
Tricia Long 

Freshmen 47 


Tanya Lyons 

Jennifer Marshall 

Alisa McDonald 

\ «f&\ 

dfoffittfrfwffi Wl 

Kris Meyer 

Ruth Ann Milam 

Gerard Minor 

Brandy Moretz 

Heather Monica 

Kim Murray 

Scott Norton 
Joe dinger 
Dave Penna 

48 Freshmen 


Christa Peterson 
Ryan Petrilli 
Elaine Potts 



Hania Qubein 
Stephan Reavis 
Cheryl Reimer 

Kimberly Robinson 
Shelli Roth 
Melanie Shiel 



Rocio Silva 
Chila Simmons 
Anna Sink 

Freshmen 49 

Kenneth Smith 
Lee Ann Smith 
Melinda Smith 


I sw//m 

Joshua Stanhope 

Steve Steffele 

Tonia Stephenson 

Jason Strack 
Jennifer Surrat 
Jennifer Taylor 

Geoffry Thome 

Stephanie Treadaway 

Eraina Turrell 


50 Freshmen 


Jeff Waldron 
Laurel Waters 
Ellen White 

'' /,p ■■ 

Susan Windlam 
Elizabeth Young 

Kathie Zimmerman 




Freshmen 51 

52 • Continuing Education Program 

Continuing Education Program • 53 



Jean Alexander Tonya Alsbrooks Joseph Armentrout Reggie Austin 

Robert Bolinger 

Jeff Bowers 

Donna Bowman 

Heather Belk 

Randy Brice Margie Bukowski 

Deantonie Burgess Brian Burley 

Barry Carlton Katherine Cashion 

Inna Cecil 


54 CEP 


Stephanie Chappell Carolyn Coe 

Angela Cranford Tonya Craven 

Terri Cruise 

James Crump, Jr. Bryan Culbreth 

Tony Daniels Marianne Dzoba Michael Ehren 

Andra Eich 

Lisa Elliott Charlotte Estermyer Greg Estermyer 

Rick Farmer 


CEP 55 



Chuck Farrington Sharron Flippin Virginia Garner Kimberly Gates Chuck George 

Leslie Gordon 

David Jones 

Ken Hamby 

Donna Harris Jeanette Hartley 

Pamela Johnson Joseph Jurich 

Lisa Kneppelt Paul Leonard, III Dawn Marion 

Larry Hearn 

Beverly Kepley Debbie Knapp 

Rita Nash 

Denise Norrell 

CEP 56 



Sherry Norris 

Marco Nunez 

Deborah Patrick 

Laura Patterson 

Johnsie Price 

Heather Raudenbush Carol Robertson 

Catherine Ross 

Carla Shepherd 

Melanie Tesh 

Sharon Tesh 

Keith Walker 

Lynn Waterhouse Martha Waycaster 

Terry Weaver 

Gina Whaling 

Alvin Payne 

Traci Searcy 

Sandra Ward 

Lisa Wicker 


CEP 57 



Brad Adkins 

Cathy Anderson 

Jim Austin 

Jose Batista 

Angelia Beshears 

Teresa Billings 

Scott Boswell 

Jenny Bouver 

Donna Bowman 

Cheryl Boyd 

Kathryn Boyette 

Scott Brady 

Carol Branard 

Larry Brinson 

Jim Brock 

Vahessa Brooks 

Craig Brown 

Martha Brown 

Martha Brown 

Melissa Brown 

John Cail 

Audrey Camp 

Ianconte Campbell 

Bradley Ceaser 

Maelda Chalk 

CEP 58 

;■ ■<■: ■■ ' ■• .- ;; ■ 



Tina Clark 
Leigh Clevinger 
Bill Clodfelter 
Vikki Cook 
Lara Cooper 

Carmen Cottois 
Tommy Crawford 
Erica Dalrymple 
Dwight Davis 
Debra Dennis 

Anthony Di Donato 
Elisabeth Dobbins 
Dave Edwards 
Theresa Edwards 
Stephen Flynn 

Julia Fox 
Randal Freeman 
Diane Fulbright 
Tammy Funderburk 
Mary Gillis 

Janice Gomez 
Douglas Graham 
Baxter Greene 
Larry Greeson 
Kathy Gregson 

CEP 59 

Trying to find the buffet 
line is top priority for CEPs 
Missy and Johnny Poplin. 

Angela Huntley 

Tom Ingran 

John Jenkins 

Joseph Johnson 

Greg Jones 

Jerry Jones 

Sherry Jones 

Tammy Jones 

Bruce Kardon 

Mark King 

60 CEP 

Business Law Instructor 
Keith Harrell enjoys the 
treats at the CEP Christmas 

Elizabeth Kinney 
Donna Knight 
Scott Landy 
Patricia Lazaro 
Bob Legg 

Gale Livengood 
Donna Marsh 
Lynn Martin 
Robbie McConnell 
Antia McLemore 

Randy Moffitt 
Marlene Moore 
Maurine Mosteller 
Amy Motsinger 
Connie Myers 

Nancetta Myers 
Ginger Nanney 
Gina O'Mara 
Patricia Parms 
Scarlett Parrish 

CEP 61 

Jean Alexander and Mickey 
McCall sample the fare 
while CEPs celebratethe 


62 CEP 

June Patterson 
Bob Phelps 

Martin Priest 
Timothy Prook 

Stacie Queen 

Joy Quesonberry 

Rhonda Ratcliffe 

Amy Reynolds 

Lisa Robertson 

Janette Sherrod 

Nancy Shimer 

Susan Shoaf 

Jon Shumate 

Pam Sink 

Rosemary Smothers 

Robert Stan- 
Don Stewart 
Greg Stewart 
Kathy Stewart 
Chip Stigall 


In between classes CEP stu- 
dent Marc Prevette has time 
to prepare for the next class. 

Mary Womble 
Kevin Wright 

David Strange 
Kay Tatum 
Elizabeth Thomas 
Brent Tripe 
Janet Tucker 

Greg Varner 
Elizabeth Wainright 
Wanda Walser 
Theresa Werts 
Michelle Westbera 

Margie White 
Scott Williams 
David Wilson 
Morris Windless 
Jillian Winterberg 

CEP 63 



\&r f ^f 


Bill Cloninger 

Lillian Creech 

Wesley Flake 



Amy Hall 

Larry Hansen 

Jeanette Helms 

Bob Howard 

64 CEP 

Robyn Peterson and Curtis Parker 
look for presents to shake. 

Madorie Hill and Margaret Jack- 
son have time to catch up during 
the Christmas party. 

CEP Staf fperson Gail Curtis com- 
pliments Sally Hogan on her 
Christmas attire. 

Liz Kimbro 

Gene Mathews 


J. Schmonsees 

Charles Warde 


E Wk 

Steve Villone 

CEP 65 


Below: Getting ready to wage war in the 
classroom takes preparation time 
beforehend . 

Below: As usual, there's only time for a quick bite and review before class begins 

Right: Another dedicated soul gives us 
evenings for education. 

66 • CEP 

Left: Home away from home on the CEP 

Above: Attendance and attention are 
two key ingredients to passing. 

CEP • 67 

68 • Faculty & Staff 

Faculty & Staff • 69 

T Business Administration: (left to right) Dr. Richard Bennington, Dr. Marlon 
Winters, Dr. Troy Anders, Dr. Elizabeth Dull, Mr. Edward King, Mrs. Iria Mauney, 
Faiz Faizi, and Mr. Phillip McBrayer. 

Dr. George Coggins 
Business Administration 

▲ Computer Systems Department: Mr. Roger Shore, Dr. Vicki Olson, Mr. Donald 
Ashdown, and Dr. Patricia Clemmer. 

70 Faculty & Staff 

Behavioral Sciences Department: Pat Haun, Dr. Richard Spong, Dr. Ron Ramke, Dr. 
'ayne Messer, Dr. Alberta Herron, William Cope, Dr. Allen Goedeke, and Dr. Laura 

A Learning Assistance Center 
Sarah Gomez and David Bergen 

A Office of Alumni Affairs 
Sarah Hunter and Debbie Gallimore 

Admissions Office: Amy Andrews, Allen Jones, Jim Schlimmer, Kathy 
isch, Mona Lovett and Dawn Douglas. 

A Business Office: (front) Samantha Dutton, Ann Register, Sherron James, 
and Melitta McCroskey; (back) Jean McDowell, Jim Spessard and 

A Financial Affairs 
Bob Hayes and Dwanna Hayworth. 

Faculty & Staff 71 

▲ English Department: (front) Dr. Lee Baker, Dr. Martha Gleaton, a Library: Michael Ingram, Lauren Ingold, and 

and Alice Sink (back) Steve Jarrett, Dr. Marion Hodge, Georgeanna David Bryden. 
Sellers, Dr. Edward Piacentino, and Dr. John Moehlmann. 

Dr. David Decker 

▲ History, Political Science, & Geography Department: (front) Dr. Vagn 
Hansen, Dr. Kathleen Carter, Dr. Timothy Millmore, Dr. Richard McCaslin, 
and Dr. Peng Deng (back) Dr. James Stitt and Dr. David Decker. 

▲ Chemistry & Physical Science Department: 
Dr. Wid Painter, Dr. Gray Bowman, and Dr. Charles 

▲ Biology Department: Dr. Leo Weeks, Dr. John Ward, Dr. Charles 
Smith, Dr. Gerald Smith, and Dr. Fred Yeats. 

72 Faculty & Staff 

▲ Modern Foreign Languages: (sitting) Dr. Carole Head and Dr. Kathleen Olson 
(standing) Tamra Patton, Johnny McGee, Dr. Susan Linker, and Patricia 

nir Villi E IiJHSLL an I! I ! tl 'LI 

▲ Academic Affairs 
Barbara Cagle and Dr. Vance Davis. 

▲ Internal Affairs 
Dr. Morris Wray and Nancy Kile. 

▲ Fine Arts Department: Ronald Law, Alexa Schlimmer, Dr. Cherl Harrison, 
Andrea Dunham, Steve Sheftz, and Don Baker. 

Faculty & Staff 73 

Dr. Bill Anderson 
Education Department 

T Student Life: (front) Gart Evans, Dottie Souder, and Dave Edwards, (middle) Amy 
Morriss, Joyce Wainer, Katherine Hill, Brett Carter and Dr. Bonnie Truax, (back) 
Donna Harper, Jane Kirrtrey, and Marilyn Williams. 

f> ;• Af pfs 

Bookstore: Sandra Shaffer, Phyllis Osborne, Kathy Thomas-Hill, Gerry Hill. 

74 Faculty & Staff 

▲ Belk Residence Hall Staff: Chris Miles, Christy Colston, Brett Carter, Sallie 
Frame and Chris Glover 

▲ McEwen and Complex Residence Hall Staff: (front) Kevin Fielder, Keena 
Williams, and Kristy Scott, (middle) Susan Cupler, Gale Phelps, Carol Gwaltney, 
and Lisa Farmer, (back) Lori Shockley, Suazanne Sielaty, Katherine Hill and 
Curtis Hoover. 

▲ Finch and Millis Residence Hall Staff: (front) Randy Gooch, Amy Morriss, 
Risa Poniros, Tracey Carr, (middle) Chris Dudley, Christine Onufreiczuk, April 
Powell, Pam Wilcox, (back) Kirk Reed, Chip Harris, Byron Garrett, and Wade 

Faculty & Staff 75 

▼ Institutional Advancement: Jeanie Hazzard, Bobby Hayes, John Lefler, Carol 
McClain and Donna Burton. 

Dean Royall 
President's Office 

Safety & Security: Willard Kiser, Susan Hodge, and Ed Cannaday. 

76 Faculty & Staff 

IOH iQil ma n 

▲ Religion & Philosophy: Dr. Vance Davis, Carole Stoneking, Dr. Hal 
Warlick, Dr. Clint Corcoran, William Johnson, and Dr. Earl Crow. 

▲ Office of the Chaplain 
Dr. Hal Warlick and Jo Ann Hupperich. 

▲ Switchboard/Receptionist 
Geraldine Chisholm and Doris Ellis 

Office of the Registrar: Rhonda Simmons, David Holt, Ann Miller. 

▲ Education: (sitting) Dr. Barbara Leonard, Dr. Thomas Albritton, (standing) 
Dr. Bill Anderson, Dr. Dennis Carroll, Dr. Marion Tillery, and Dr. Wanda 

▲ Graduate Studies 
Dr. Alberta Herron and Nancy Kile 

Faculty & Staff 77 

▲ Financial Aid: (Front) Dana Harrington, Carolyn Stout, Kay Stroud, A Computer Center 

(back) Kathy Tipton, Danette Mills, and Susan Ingram William Beil, Ginger Lewis, and Jeff Jacobs. 

▲ Millis Center Manager 
Mike Tuttle 

▲ Athletics: (front) Nancy Semeliss, Gerald Tertzagian, Dr. Joe Ellenberg, 
Catherine Steele, Robert Davidson, (back) Woody Gibson, Rick Proctor, 
Jerry Steele, Charlie Futrell, and James Speight. 

▲ Food Services: Kenneth Roseboro, Bill Norman, 
and Darby Matthews. 


▲ Health Services: Judy Greene, Kathleen Ingram, Joyce Isenhour, 
and student Greg Prochnow. 

78 Faculty & Staff 

▲ Mathematics: (front) Shirley Robertson, Stephanie Shore, Adam Greer, Dr. 
Nelson Page, (back) Lisa Cornell, Manyon Idol, and Bernon Liberty. 

▲ Print Shop: Marilyn Meyers. 

▲ Administrative Affairs 
Carolyn Stout and Dr. Roy Epperson. 

▲ Continuing Education Program: (front) Teresa Byrne, Kay Cromwell, Gail 

Curtis and Carol Branard, (back) Joe Morris, Maureen Mosteller, Catherine King 

and Earl Crow „ , _ -, 

Faculty & Staff 79 


80 • Sports 


I Sports 

Sports • 81 


Soaring above his opponents, Michael 
Alexander comes out on top as he pre- 
pares to shoot for two. 


Forward Daryl Armstrong barrels into 
the lane for a lay-up. 

Front Row: Thomas Monroe, Tooey Loy, 
Derrick Butler, Bo Greenwood. Back 
Row: Coach Jerry Steele, Jeremy Tetzner, 
Michael Alexander, Michael Skinner, 
Demetrius Alexander, Diantre Howell, 
Keith Simmons, Mac Irvin, Toby Brown, 
Daryl Armstrong, Adam Carlson, Asst. 
Coach Dee Sasser, Mike Diokono (Man- 
ager). Not Pictured: Brett Speight, Gary 

82 • Men's Basketball 

Free from interference, guard 
Bo Greenwood prepares to let a 
three-pointer fly. 

Lees-McRae Colleee 

Lenoir-Rhyne College 
Park Inn Classic 
Greensboro Colleee 

Catawba College Tournament 
Lees-McRae College 
Elon Colleee 

Lenior-Rhyne Colleg e 

Indiana U Tournament 
Longwood Colleg e 
Barton College 
St. Andrews Colleee 

Mt. Olive Colleee 

Belmont Abbey College 
Pfeiffer College 
Coker Colleg e 

Pushing past his guard, Tooey Loy ini- The team gathers for their traditional 

tiates an aggressive move toward the pre-game huddle. 


Men's Basketball • 83 


Towering over the Coker player, Lori 
Younts sets up a play. 

Front Row: Asst. Coach Jimmie Burchette, 
Coach Joe Ellenburg. Second Row: 
Heather Moore, Tonya Murrell, Patricia 
Ragle, Stephanie Treadaway, Quesheba 
Carter, Tedra Lindsay. Back Row: Lori 
Younts, Charita Burke, Charlotte Totulis, 
Arlene King, Mary Lyle, Jennifer 
Marshall, Shelly Whitaker. 

84 • Women's Basketball 

Bursting through the pack, Shelly 
Whitaker attempts to save at out-of- 
bounds ball. 


Wingate College Tournament 
Lenoir-Rhyne College 
Greensboro College 

Coker College 
Longwood College 
Catawba College 
Davidson College 
Elon Colleee 

Flagler College 
U of North FL 
Barton College 
St. Andrews Colleg e 
Mt. Olive Colleg e 
Belmont Abbey College 
Greensboro College 
Pfeiffer College 
Coker Colleee 

Barton Colleg e 
Lees-McCrae Colleee 

St. Andrews College 
Mt. Olive College 
Pfeiffer Colleee 

Wineate Colleee 

Carolinas Conf . Tournament 

Taking a breather, Heather Moore tries Forcingherself into the lane, Arlene King 
to decide whether to drive to the basket shoots for two. 
or pass to a teammate. 

Women's Basketball • 85 


During a half-time, the cheerleaders get 
the crowd riled up with a call for Purple 

Always ready to cheer, Shelly Roth stands 
at attention to begin a sideline cheer. 

Front Row: Christen Jenga, Cammie 
Smith, Emily Lefler, and Shelly Roth. 
Back Row: Tracy Tertzagian, Trisha 
Carroll, Melissa Smith, and Kimberly 

86 • Cheerleaders 

Pumped up for a pleasing performance 
the Purple Panther poses in his new uni- 

Kimberly Moore gets a few minutes at 
half-time to grab some time with friends. 

Emily Lefler exhibits perfect form while The Purple Panther enjoys his popular- 
participating in a floor cheer. ity with a particularly young fan. 

Cheerleaders • 87 


Winding up, Keith Spicer fires a fastball 
towards home plate. 


Sliding into second, Tony Fleming beats 
the ball and is SAFE! 

Front Row: Brandunn Rush, Chad 
Duggins, Alan Seward, Dayton Kiger, 
Edwin Lagrama, David Cook, Shawn 
Cavanaugh, Rusty Coleman. Second 
Row: Brian McDermott, Tony Fleming, 
Al Woods, Keith Sibille, Bob Gray, Tom 
Nelson, Shane Simmons, Ashley 
Arrowood, Harlan Keirstead, Hank 
Whitaker. Back Row: Chris McCollum, 
Doug Irby, Kevin Settle, Chris Frazier, 
Keith Spicer, Joe Hobbs, Brian Puckett, 
Todd Messner, Brad Albert, Brian 
Bocholis, Darren White, Kurt Gurley. 

88 • Baseball 





f0t W 



I- * - 

-**■'* *TX 


Shane Simmons jogs back to first after 
one of his teammates hits a foul ball. 


Mars Hill College (DH) 
Campbell University 
Campbell University 
Towson State U (DH) 

Towson State U (DH) 

Gardner Webb College 
Gardner Webb College 

Rowan Colleee 

Davis & Elkins college 

Rowan Colleee 

Davis & Elkins Colleg e 
Ferrum Colleee 

Ball State U 

Coker College (DH) 

Coker College 
Wingate College 
St. AndrewsCcollege (DH) 
St. Andrews Colleee 

Belmont Abbey College 
Belmont Abbey Colleg e 
Bowie State U 

Bowie State U 

Mt. Olive College (DH) 
Mt. Olive Colleg e 
Wingate College 
Lenior-Rhvne Colleee 

Catawba Colleee 

Pfeiffer Colleee (DH) 

Pfeiffer College 
Ferrum College 
Lenior-Rhyne College 
Barton Colleg e 
Barton College 
Catawba College 
Guilford Colleee 

Guilford College 
CIOAC Tournament 

Edwin Lagrama confers with his team- Harlan Keirsteaad knocks one far into 
mates before recording a double. center field. 

Baseball • 89 


Completing the set, Amanda Wells sends 
the ball into opposing territory. 


i5a ■ v ■ 

BwVVwJBHBBfl ■ ~ ?*BJ 

1 - Bf ^ 

With a big block, Arlene King stuffs the 
ball in her opponent's face. 

Front Row: Tiffany Ferera, Amanda 
Wells, Maria Giordna, and Anitra 
Dodson. Back Row: Christine Ander- 
son, Gina Sink, Shelly Whitaker, Arlene 
King, Mary Lyle, and Patricia Ragle. 

90 • Volleyball 

Christine Anderson successfully puts the 
ball over the net and through the hands 
of her foes. 


NC A&T State University 

Davidson College 

King College Tournament 

Belmont Abbey College 

Catawba College Tournament 

Mt. Olive College 

Elon College 

Pfeiffer College 

St. Andrews College 

Barton College 

Coker College 

Francis Marion Tournament 

Catawba Colleee 

St. Andrews Colleee 

NC A&T State University 

Mt. Olive Colleg e 
Pfeiffer Colleee 

Barton Colleee 

Belmont Abbey Colleg e 

Carolinas Conf. Tournament 
NAIA Dist. 26 Tournament 

Tiffany Ferera and Shelly Whitaker en- Bracing for the impact, Tiffany Ferera 
joy the thrill of victory. plans to return the serve with equal vigor. 

Volleyball • 91 



Front Row: Jamie Gold enhaum, Nicole Neal. Second Row: 
Fran Wentowski, Michele Franken, Kristy Powell, Jenni- 
fer Oilman, Shannon Ball, Sarah Wood. Back Row: Man- 
ager Susan Henderson, Stacy Knopf, Traci Lyons, April 
Haslacker, Monica Barnes, Jennifer Petry, Jill Walton, 
Amy Hutchinson, Nikki Matheny, Manager Paula Shelton. 


Presbyterian College 
Agnes Scott College 
Guilford Colleg e 
St. Andrews College 
Coker College 
Catawba Colleee 

Limestone Colleg e 
Greensboro College 
LeesMcRae College 
Davidson Colleg e 
Lenoir-Rhvne Colleee 

Ferrum College 
Queens College 
U of Charleston 
Liberty University 

NC Wesleyan College 
CIAC/Lees-McRae Playoff 

home names 


Presbyterian College 
Guilford Colleee 

St. Andrews College 
Pembroke State U 
Elon Colleee 

Lees McRae College 
Pfeiffer College 
Greensboro College 
Belmont Abbey Colleee 

Coker Colleee 

Mt. Olive College 
Barton College 


f^^L 1 

Limestone Colleg e 

U of Charleston 
Catawba Colleee 

Lenior-Rhyne College 

HI-TEC /Carolinas Conf . Tourney 

NAIA Dist. 26 Tourney 

home eames 

Front Row: Jamie Baynard, Dwayne Adams, Rick Frampton, Robert 
Betdzik. Second Row: Trainer Brett Jones, Rick Cranford, Dave 
Sullenberger, |eft Cummings, Dean Preston, Drew Boling, Brad 
Mundv, Warren knechl, Mike Hatfield, Sean |ones, Trainer Sean 
Schwarting. Back Row: Manager Nathan Eastland, Steve McGee, 
Chris Glover, Todd )ohnson, ferry Cutler, Chad Holden-Bache, Bill 
Wilkinson, Scott Wever, [ohn Rodriguez, Marcus Cross, Brian Yaeck, 

' * 

« A 1 O 1 ^ 

Manager Justin [ordon. 

92 • Men's & Women's Soccer 

Steve McGee guards his opponent, look- 
ing for an opportunity to steal the ball. 

Freshman Billy Wilkinson enjoys time 
on field and has the dirt stains to prove it. 


■V t -V ' 

Defender Scott Weyer seizes his chance The Men's Soccer team struggles to keep 
to move the ball down the field with a the ball outofthegoalastheiropponents 
powerful kick. move in anticipating a score. 

Men's & Women's Soccer • 93 


April Kilduff attacks while Sheila Rohe 
waits to assist. 


Li I 

^^H^H ■■■■ 


Becky Fox delivers a 'whack' attack. 

Front Row: April Kilduff, Kerri 
Mumford, Colleen Marx, Chantelle 
Ewen, Sheila Rohe, Mo McGinley. Back 
Row: Mark Stoneman (coach), Sara Mock, 
Becky Fox, Irene Apgar, Jen Dodson, 
Lauren Connor. 











94 • Field Hockey 

Becky Fox sneaks in from behind to get 
the ball. 

April Kilduff gets ready to send one in 
for a goal. 


The Field Hockey team members exhibit Trying to get into scoring position, Sheila 
their skill while on the offensive. Rohe picks up a pass. 

Field Hockey • 95 


Sprinting toward the finish line, James 
White takes the opportunity to improve 
his standing. 

'- ., 

Concentrating on her rhythm, Delia 
Stanley looks toward a good finish and a 
hot shower. 

Front Row: Roz Hall, Elizabeth Young, 
Delia Stanley, Mary Routh, Lee Ann 
Smith, Coach Bob Davidson. Back Row: 
Coach Jimmie Burchette, Kevin 
Hampson, Sean Carter, Darren Jones, Jeff 
Goddard, Joe Olinger, Mike Dyess, James 

96 'Cross Country 

Sean Carter marks his trail by leaving his 
other shoe somewhere along the way. 


High Point Invitational 
Francis Marion, Belmont- 
Abbey, Lander, Catawba, 

Pembroke Invitational 

Winthrop Invitational 

Southern Charleston 


Belmont Abbey Invitational 

State Meet 

Carolinas Conference and 
District 26 Meet 

Alisa McDonald is still running, fol- HPU runners plan their strategy to dash 
lowed by weary walkers. ahead and secure good positions for the 


Cross Country • 97 


Coach Jimmie Burchette, Kevin Hampson, 
Sean Carter, Mike Gilchrist, Matt Johnson, 
Brian Payne, Jeff Goddard, Darren Jones, Joe 
dinger, James White, Mike Dyess, Sam 
Lebron, Coach Bob Davidson. 


VMI Invitational 
VPI Invitational 
Wilmington Invitational 
Wake Forest Relays 
Wake Forest Relays 
Presbyterian College 
Francis Marion University 
St. Andrews College 
Francis Marion Invitational 
Elon College 
Barber-Scotia College 
St. Andrews College 
Lynchburg Invitational 
Duke Invitational 
Furman Invitational 
North/South Invitational 
Spec Townes Invitational 
All Comers Meet 

<^** _ 


Greensboro College Invitational 

Max Ward Invitational 

Camp Lejeune Intercollegiate 

Lacey Gane Invitational 

Carolinas Colference and 
NAIA District 26 

Allen McGee, Andy Nelson, David Hall, 
Dean Blankenship, Frank Donnally, 
Chad Morrow, Jeff Whitehead, Steve 
Jamison, Chad Hedrick. 

98 -Track & Golf 


Coach Jerry Tertzagian, Ansley Brown, 
Vesa Kempainen, Matt Bieberich, 
Donald Marriott, Chris Forest, Bill 


Queens College 
Pfeif fer College 
Greensboro College 
Belmont Abbey College 
Radford University 
Catawba College 
Queens College 
Mt. Olive College 
Wofford College 
Lenior Rhyne College 
Gardner Webb University 
St. Andrews College 
Barton College 
Wingate College 
Coker College 
Carolinas Conference 
NAIA District 26 


Wingate College 

Davidson College 

Catawba College 

King College 

Armstrong State College 

East Carolina University 

Mt. Olive College 

Belmont Abbey College 

Presbyterian College 

Francis Marion College 

Pfeiffer College 

Coker College 

Oberlin College 

Barton College 

St. Andrews College 

Elon College 

CIAC Tournament 

NAIA District 26 Tournament 

Kim Bryant, Danielle Gibeck, Jennifer 
Terp, Julie Fair, Asa Johansson. 

Men's & Women's Tennis • 99 

100 • Greeks 


Greeks • 101 

Kappa Delta Senior Sisters 

102 Greek Organizations 

The Gamma Gamma Chapter 




1 in 

Sge ESI -±- 

Kappa Delta Sisters 

Row 1: Sabrina Bailey, Melinda Kelejian, Christy Ditzen, Stacey Kopf, Aimee Lynch, 
Carlin Camp, Emily Lefler, Pam Wilcox, Kate O'Grady. Row 2: Stephanie Matthews, 
Kim Derringer, Jennifer Soos, April Geogheagen, Susan Wombough, Kara Via, Kim 
Irvin, Christine Anderson, Cindy Walters. Row 3: Kristy Brunner, Nora Dood y, Alison 
Chase, Julie Hutchins, Hollis Harper, Amanda McCrosky, Irene Apgar, Jennifer 
Howard. Row 4: Christine Onufreiczuk, Nikki Matheny. Row 5: Lauri McGarrigan, 
Michele Kovner, Jill Carpenter, Caroline Mechler, Lisa Mateer, Jenn Walters, Wiesje 
Cattell, Elise Nowak, Diana Welch Kitty Painter, Julie McNamara, Stephanie LiCausi, 
Jennifer Hughes, Lynne Drezin. 
Missing: Carrie Coulter, Mindy Crowe, Kim Seese, Melisa Wright. 


Kappa Delta 

The Gamma Gamma chapter of Kappa 
Delta proves that we are "unique but 
united. " We are involved in SGA, 
Student Union, intercollegiate sports, 
intramural sports, and other leadership 
positions on campus. Gamma Gamma 
has held numerous fundraisers to sup- 
port our national philanthropy: The 
National Committee for the Preven- 
tion of Child Abuse. We also spon- 
sored the annual Halloween party for 
the children at the YWCA. We look 
forward to a successful rush in January 
amidst all of our studies and activities. 
We have dedicated this year to the 
beautiful memory of sister Laury Ann 
Lynch, as we know that she continues 
to stand with us in our circle of friends. 
We love you, Laury! 

Sisters lending a helping hand. 

Greek Organizations 103 


Theta Chi 

The Epsilon Alpha chapter of Theta 
Chi had its biggest Fall pledge class in 
years accepting fourteen new pledges. 
The Brothers were involved in numer- 
ous on and off campus activities. They 
hold the brotherhood in the highest 
regard and are always there when an- 
other is in need. Friendship, scholar- 
ship and unity are the basis for the 
success of this chapter. Our most unique 
characteristic as a Greek organization 
is the strong bond that exists among the 
brothers. If you are looking for close 
personal friendships, you will find them 
at Theta Chi. 

The Epsilon Alpha Chapter 

The Fall Pledge Class 

Theta Chi Brothers 
Row 1: John Bowden, Chris McCollum, Dan Moore, Jon Simons. Row 2: Andrew 
Wade, Kyle Pike, Kieth Spicer, Dan Whitehead, Shane Simmons. Row 3: Jeff 
Parker, Geoff Jarrell, Kevin Settle, Clark Stevens, Drew McNaughton, Bob Staab, 
Phil Thompson, Doug Irby. 

104 Greek Organizations 

Theta Chi Officers 

Jeff Parker, Dan Moore, Phil Thompson, Chris McCollum, Shane Simmons, 
Jon Simons, Bob Staab. 

Just hangin' out. 

Kickin' back and relaxin'. 

Don't drown Drew! 

Greek Organizations 105 




Zeta Tau Alpha Officers 

Row 1: Dawn Querry, Dana-Lyn Godinsky, Joanna Kanney. Row 2: Alisha Atwell, 
Dana Caudill, Stephanie Gray. Row 3: Leslie Fazio, Gwen Martin, Carrie Thorton. 


*TT;1 C> 

Is this a bubble or what? 

Batter's up Shea! 

How long do we have to stay like this? 

106 Greek Organizations 

The Delta Gamma Chapter 

Zeta Tau Alpha Sisters 

Row 1: Jeanne Holley, Leslie Fazio, Dana Caudill, Stephanie Gray, Alison McLean, 
Joanna Kanney . Row 2: Heather Williams, Dana-Lyn Golinsky, Shayland Poole, Shelia 
Rowe, Kelly Scheur, Laura Willard, Tracey Carr, Gwen Martin. Row 3: Alisha Atwell 
Christy Colston, Wendy Horton, Dawn Querry, Cathy Sutphen, Amy Cooke, Carrie 
Thorton, Andrea Miller, Denise Campbell. Row 4: Mary Corbett, Jen Petne, Trisha 
Bradley, Kim Jones, Andrea Veiner, Judy Donelly, Shawn Hendrix, Beth Palmer. 
Row 5: Tara Lindley, Shea Bowe, Catherine Olson, Lisa Burris, Kathy Bradley, Mimi 
Murphy, Carol Gwaltney, Tiffany Ferrero, Shannon Puffenburger. 


Zeta Tau Alpha 

Zeta Tau Alpha: What's the point'.' 
The point of the Delta Gamma chapter 
of Zeta Tau Alpha is to help establish 
everlasting friendships among a group 
of diverse young women. We strive to 
uphold a feeling of strong unity and 
understanding, both within the organi- 
zation and outside those boundaries. 
Each and every sister values that unity 
and understanding with the highest 
regard. In essence, friendships found 
in Zeta Tau Alpha blossom into unique 
and unforgettable educational experi- 
ences, which last in our minds, and 
most importantly in our hearts, for- 



Greek Organizations 107 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

The Iota Phi Zeta chapter began its 
39th year this year at High Point Uni- 
versity. Through the dedication and 
hard work of every brother, it proved 
to be one of our most succesful years in 
recent history. The outstanding aca- 
demic achievement award was pre- 
sented to us at the National Leadership 
seminar in Orlando last summer. We 
were represented in campus organiza- 
tions such as SGA, Board of Stewards, 
IFC, Young Democrats, College Re- 
publicans, Student Orientation Staff, 
and the Odyssey Club, as well as inter- 
collegiate baseball, soccer, and golf. 
Last year the fraternity was named 
intramural champions of 1991-92. 
Lamda Chi Alpha is a chapter of which 
every member can be proud. 

The Iota Phi Zeta Chapter 



13 'jg^vL 



President Bryan Bowles 

108 Greek Organizations 

Lambda Chi Alpha Brothers 

Row 1: Darren Simmons, Tom Derosa, John Reitz, Tim O'Keefe, Alex Mays, Miguel 
Riva, Rick Zois. Row 2: Dan Simmons, Steve Woo, Kyle Thompson, Scott Entrikin, 
Bryan Bowles, Mike Claywell, Chad Andrews, Stephen O'Connor, Todd Shoe- 
maker, Will Eill, Scott Bernard, Harlan Keirstead. Row 3: Jeff Sykes, John 
Halloway, Rick Reynolds, Dennis Sink, Chip Howell. Row 4: Greg Kayel, Bill 
Miskovich, Brian Lescrinier, Dave Callaham, Rich Waddington, Chad Morrow, 
Chris Fetner, Brett Havens, Dan Koehler. 

Not Pictured: Eric Brewer, Jerry Cutler, Greg Mattle, Brad Mundy, Greg Prochnow, 
Rick Cranford, Dave Becker, Chad Holden-Bache, Todd Messner, Dean Newton, 
Keith Sibille, Drew Boling, Dean Preston. 

Lambda Chi Alpha Officers 

Row 1: John Holloway, Scott Entrikin, Harlan Kierstead, Chad Morrow. 
Row 2: Kyle Thompson, Bryan Bowles,Will Eill, , Steve Woo, Rick Reynolds. 




Keep DNltoW 

Tim, keeper of the frat. 

Thanks to you it works for all of us, 
The United Way. 

Lambda Chi, THE SENIORS! 

Greek Organizations 109 

Alpha Gamma Delta Officers 

Row 1: Alison Dartez, Mia Sossei, Cindy Merideth, Nicole Terry, Tracy Tertzagen, Julie 
Harter, Lauren Conner, Anne Colona. Row 2: Mary Margret Linker, Samantha Dillon 
Sara Mock, Rosa Scarboro, Debbie Ferraro, Jeanine Warhurst. 

i k u 

All Dressed up and no where to go. 

Gam Barricade 


1 10 Greek Organizations 

The Gamma Eta Chapter 

Alpha Gamma Delta Sisters 
Row 1: Aanessa Salgado, Wendy Wilcox, Allison Dartez, Lori Bewley, Lina Plackett, 
Katie Peterman, Whitney Gaffey, Stephanie Carter, Christine Kintigh, Jenni Neathery, 
Melissa Smith. Row 2: Hayden Reichart, Diane Watson, April Haslacker, Mia Sossei, 
Colleen Mark, Edith Ann Pendergraft, Cammie Smith, Anne Clinard, Cindy Merideth, 
Nicole Terry, Tracy Tertzagen, Anne Colona, Julie Harter, Lauren Conner. Row 3: Beth 
Klimkliwitz, Jenn Brams, Becky Fox, Jenn Sanguilino, Helena Brady, Mary Margret 
Linker, Christina Gregerson, Samantha Dillon, Sara Mock, Rosa Scarboro, Kristin 
Pfiefer, Molly Dickinson, Julie Poll, Kim Fagin, Debbie Ferraro, Jeanine Warhurst. 


•■■ Alpha Gamma Delta 

The Gamma Eta chapter of Alpha 
Gamma Delta has been very busy this 
year. In September we initiated eleven 
lovely young ladies. We have also been 
busy in the community, participating 
in the Crop Walk, the YWCA Hallow- 
een Carnival, the 1 992 Greenway Race 
and various other community service 
activities. On campus we have been 
busy as well, bringing in second place 
at Greek Week, participating in 
intramurals, and winning the spirit 
award for our homecoming float. We 
were also very proud to have four Al- 
pha Gamma Delta's on Homecoming 
Court. But, no matter where we were 
on campus this year, the great thing 
was that we were always together. 

Katie and Whitney - Sisters forever! 

Greek Organizations 111 


Delta Sigma Phi 

We are Delta Sigma Phi, better known 
as the "Delta Sigs." Our fraternity was 
founded December 10, 1899, at the 
City College of New York. We re- 
ceived our chapter at the High Point 
campus on April 7, 1 957. We have had 
many succesful years here at High Point 
University and this is again another 
one. We set high standards of excel- 
lence in both academics and intramu- 
ral sports. The March of Dimes is our 
major philanthropic agency. Our fra- 
ternity symbols are both the pyramid 
and the sphinx, and our fraternity col- 
ors are green and white. We are the 

The Delta Zeta Chapter 

A little befuddled? 

Delta Sigma Phi Brothers 

Row 1: Richard Dornhart, Trip Speight, Keith Scott, Jimmy Keith, Carter Massey. 
Row 2: John Croghan, Saeng Kim, Dave Honeycutt, Jared Bregstein, Jay Unthank, 
Brian Yaeck, Ron Garsik. Row 3: Ryan Howell, Garrett Parker, Brian Cox, Pete 
Dierks, Steve Yow, Matt Bieberich, Jimmy Kretz, Dave Ratchford. Row 4: Mike 
Flynn, Brian Baxter, Brian Degraw. Row 5: Brian McCarty, John Carey, Steve 
Woodward. Row 6: Will Berry. 

112 Greek Organizations 


Delta Sigma Phi Officers 
Row 1: Richard Dornhart, John Croghan. 
Row 2: Carter Massey, Pete Dierks, Ron Garsik, Bill Berry. 

Thinkin' they're real cool 

Bonding brothers! 

All slicked up 

Greek Organizations 113 

Phi Mu Officers 

Row 1: Emily Hanania, Kristin Culliton, Kerri Holzer, Laura Rahuba. 
Row 2: Michelle Sweeney, April Campbell, Debbie Goodwin, Cindy Harvey 

The gathering tribe. 

It's my cake! 

: ' «. i 

li i 




Oh, the enthusiasm. 

1 14 Greek Organizations 

The Gamma Zeta Chapter 

Phi Mu Sisters 

Row 1: Emily Hanania, Laura Rahuba, Cindy Harvey, Jen Green, Julie Street. 
Row 2: Michelle Sweeney, Kelly Johnson, Debbie Goodwin, Cassie Murray, Jeanine 
Danzi, Kerri Holzer, Kristin Culliton, Monika Lagger. Row 3: April Campbell, 
Tracy Fitzpatrick, Kathy Woodward, Stacie Mallar, Amy Griffith, Jasmine Yu, 
Angie Springstead, Rachel Allen. 
Missing: Stephanie Callio. 



The Gamma Zeta chapter of Phi Mu 
celebrated its 40th anniversary at High 
Point University this year, and did so 
with a bang, including the annual Phi 
Mu weekend which was a great time 
for all. Homecoming was a success for 
Phi Mu. We received the Best Float 
Award for the second consecutive year. 
Some of the activities we held this year 
included the Sisters Dance, Project 
Hope, The Children's Miracle Network, 
and the Senior Picnic. But best of all 
was the Phi Surprise, thanks to the 
assistance of Officer Friendly. We were 
also involved in a wide variety of ac- 
tivities such as Student Union, SGA, 
Tower Players, Psychology Club, 
American Humanics, and many more. 
The sisters of Phi Mu are looking for- 
ward to many great years together. The 
Phi Mu bond is forever! 

Phi Mu president, Cindy Harvey. 

Greek Organizations 115 


Pi Kappa Alpha 

This year the Delta Omega chapter of 
the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity is striv- 
ing to continue its commitment to ex- 
cellence. The fraternity has already 
passed its previous high for commu- 
nity service at the midpoint of the year 
and will continue to build on this ser- 
vice. The brotherhood is working on 
its 40th anniversary weekend, which 
will include a golf tournament, a sit 
down dinner, and a black tie dance. 
The brothers are also looking forward 
to winning the intramural champion- 
ship this year. With all of these accom- 
plishments, the Pikes will remain the 
number one fraternity on campus well 
into the future. 

The Delta Omega Chapter 

"I'm over here, I'm over here!" 

Pi Kappa Alpha Brothers 

Row 1: Jamie Mancuso, Fred Jordan. Row 2: Andy Morgan, P.J. Newman, Andrew 
Kidwell, Matt Vernon. Row 3: Mike Lambert, David Sullenberger, Todd Johnson. 
Row 4: Rodney Barden, John Mulvaney, Chris Dudley, Todd Hickman, Dan 
VanVeelen. Row 5: Matt Larkin, Blake Demaso, Todd Brannon, Jason Dwyer. 
Row 6: Sean Powers, Mike Quigley, Tom Adams, Greg Pinsky, Kevin Kotek, Tim 
Clark. Row 7: Scott Bishop, Bryan Verrone, Jason Coble. 
Not Pictured: Dikran Kavaljian, Chriss Ramm, Matt Greene, Gary Cooke, Bill 
Kilbride, John Cox, Brad Hibbard, Forest Scruggs. 

1 16 Greek Organizations 

Pi Kappa Alpha Officers 

Row 1: Kevin Evancho, Matt Vernon, Jamie Mancuso. 

Row 2: Jason Dwyer, Todd Brannon, Greg Pinsky, Mike Lambert 


Advisor Pat Haun shares his wisdom 
with an alumna. 

The Pike House. 

Duuude. Surfs up! 

Greek Organizations 1 1 7 


(Front) Amy Morriss, (advisor), Kristy Bruener, Kim Cox, Wendy Wilcox, Jean Haines, (back) Monika Lagger, 
Gwen Martin, Julie Harter, Shannon Heath. 

The Panhellenic Council - PHC 

Pan-Hel is the governing body for the four local chapters of the national 
sororities which operate here on the High Point campus. Officers are 
selected on a rotating basis so that the PHC President represents a 
different sorority each year, and each sorority sends one delegate to 

118 • Greeks - PHC 



L-R: Garrett Parker, SGA Rep.; Dan Van Veelen, Pres.; Jon Simons, Tres.; 

Rick Zois, Sec. Not pictured: Carter Massey, Vice Pres. 

2 n 5 f* If 

L-R: Pete Dierks, Pete Hutchinson, Blake DeMaso, Chris Creech, Phil 
Thompson, Bryan Bowles, Matt Bischoff, Greg Trefz, Mike Miller, Tim 
O'Keefe, Gary Cook, Chris Johnson, Brett Havens. 

The Interfraternity Council - IFC 

The IFC is the governing body for the four local chapters of the national 
fraternities which operate here on the High Point campus. Four 
delegates from each fraternity are sent to the IFC for representation. 
Non-voting officers are elected annually by the delegates on the basis 
of merit. 

Greeks - IFC • 119 



~ FJ'J C v' - '. < 

120 • Organizations 


Organizations • 121 




Young Democrats Chris Dudley, Steve Stef fie, Troy Flanagan, 
and advisor Amy Morriss, enjoy the festivities of the inaugu- 

122 • Organizations 


1st row: Sakhan Ouk, Penny Rastall, Jose Gomez, Vika Popova, Hania 
Qubein, Nicola Collings, Paul Chantaphone, Edwin Mutua. 2nd row: 
Johnny McGee (advisor) Cynthia Smith, Luis Marquez, Horacio Asbun, 
Amer Nasereddin, James Noel. 3rd row: Zak Qubein. 


Front: April Kilduff, Julie Sauerbry. Middle: Todd Hickman, 
Chris Dudley, Steve Stef fie. Back: Clint BarkdolLTroy Flanagan. 


Front: Joel Peddle, Hania Qubein, Alisa McDonald, Tracy 
Spurgeon, Julie Holbrook, Sallie Frame. Back: Cully Lambeth, 
Marnel Joyce, Kevin Fielder, Hank Whitaker, Shelly Whitaker. 

Left: Young Democrats. 
On the Mall! 

Below: FCA members shoot the 
rapids! 1-r Shelly Whitaker, 
Kevin Fielder, Sallie Frame, 
Jimmie Burchette, Tracy 
Spurgeon, Joel Peddle and 
Marnel Joyce. 

Above: Detra Lacy proudly 
displays her FCA T-shirt. 

Left: Clint, Troy, Chris and 
Steve 'chill' out before board- 
ing the bus to Washington. 

Organizations* 123 






Front: Samantha Dillon, President; Jennifer Warhurst, Secretary. 
Back: Wade Anderson, Treasurer; Byron Garrett, Vice President; 
Kyle Thompson, Speaker; Mark Stoneman, Attorney General. 

124 • Organizations 


1st row: W.Anderson, J. Warhurst, S. Dillon, B.Garrett, M. Frankin. 2nd row: A. 
Kilduff, P. Tertzagian, -, J. Fischer, J. Hayes, H. Qubein, T. Greene, Z. Brown, M. 
Reynolds, K. Scott, H. Henderson, C. Coulter, S. Cupler, -, M. Penry, C. Dudley. 
3rd row: -, -, M. Reck, -, B. Aldridge, T. Hickman, G. Cook, R. Turbe, B. Bowles, 
J. Noel, B. McCarthy, K. Thompson, S. Steffle, B. Miskovich, C. Hoover. 4th row: 
R. Gooch, C. Singleton, M. Thompson, C. Harris, T. Flanagan, -. 


A^fk^ ®Q®$k 


1st row: L. Rahuba, J. Angle, E.White, H. Henderson, J. Danzi, B. McCarthy, S. 
Ranocchia, B. Beckman. 2nd row: L. Jonas, C. Murray, J. Surrat, B. Aldridge, D. 
Koonts, M. Lagger, A. Springstead, J. Avent, B. Reid, H. Qubein, K. Cox. 3rd row: 
A. Campbell, A. Griffith, S. Hedrick, E. Painter, C. Miles, M. Thompson, T. 
Flanagan, S. Neary, C. Singleton, B. Garrett, G. Minor, K. Smith. 


Front: Jeanine Danzi, Monika Lagger, Michelle Reynolds, 
Heather Henderson. Back: Sean Neary, Bran Aldridge, 
Troy Flanagan, Byron Garrett, Brian McCarthy. 

Ml nil wSm I 

Left: Student Union members 
enjoy a party in the new pool. 

Below: Sean Neary, Dave Edwards 
(advisor), Bran Aldridge, Michelle 
Reynolds, Byron Garrett, Monika 
Lagger and Brian McCarthy pose at 
the NACA National Convention in 

Above: Chip Harris tends bar 
at the Student Union Mocktail 
Party at the beginning of the 

Left: JMR, Bryon and Brian 
discuss what's SUP, what's 
down, and what's going 
around in the Student Union 

Organizations • 125 






1992-93 Editor, Curtis Hoover, works on cranking out another 
edition of the HI-PO . 


L-R: Glenn Muhr, Brian Reid, Kevin Fielder, Bran 
Aldridge, Cammie Smith, Mike Lambert, and Kyle Pike. 


Front: Wade Anderson, Lisa Farmer, Curtis Hoover, Tonya 
Lyons, Travis Last. Middle: Greg Pinsky, Tim Clark, 
Scott Sweeney, Alisa McDonald, Ruth Ann Milam. Back: 
Paula Bowie, Bobby Hayes (advisor), Dan Hamilton. 



126 • Organizations 

1st row: B. Miskovich and K. Thompson. 2nd row: C. Hughes, C. Bernal, 
Z. Brown, M. Routh, T. Stephenson, J. Angle, M. Smith. 3rd row: C. 
Harwell, R. Allen, H. Berrier, R. Milam, A. Haslacker, A. Francis, A. 
McDonald. 3rd row: E. Piacentino (advisor), B. Coe, R. Jones, D. Koonts, 
B.J. Wilcox, S. Matthews, A. Palmer. 

Below: Curtis and Travis start 
Left: Lisa Farmer shares her cutting and pasting pieces for 
ideas for interesting stories. the upcoming edition. 

Above: Wade Anderson con- 
centrates on his story line. 

Left: Lisa gives Dan Hamilton 
a few pointers on using the 
new computer in the HI-PO 

Organizations • 127 





n? ft M n 

1st row: Carrie Coulter, Susan Cupler, Laura Rahuba, Dawn 
Douglas (advisor). 2nd row: Stacy Littleton, Clint Barkdoll, 
Jacina Hayes, Emily Leffler, Monika Lagger. 3rd row: Byron 
Garrett, Sam Rankin, Wade Anderson, Chris Dudley. 


1st row: Brian McCarthy, Alisa McDonald, Melinda Smith, Lisa 
Farmer. 2nd row: Dr. Hal Warlick (advisor), Clark Stevens, 
Suzanne Sielaty, Ruth Ann Milam, Keena Williams. 3rd row: 
Matt Thompson, Kyle Thompson, Barry Kitley, Keith Ander- 
son, Stephani Batten. 


Stephani Batten waits to greet people at the door during a 
special chapel service. 

128 • Organizations 

1st row: Christy Colston, Jacina Hayes, Wendy Horton, Hania Qubein, 
Shelly Barnes, Marcia Dills (accompanist). 2nd row: Stephen Sheftz 
(director), Cindy Smith, Eric Painter, Mike Keiser, Carol Ann Stewart, 
Zandra Brown. 3rd row: Byron Garrett, Curtis Hoover, Jay Austin, 
Charlie White, Ryan Cooke, Ned Adams, Mike Penry. 

Left: Melinda Smith gets 
ready for the customary re- 
ception after the weekly Below: Stephani and Kyle 
chapel service. Thompson serve the cheese. 

Above: Clark Stevens puts on 
his best smile. 

Left: The Chapel Choir re- 
hearses with Donna 
Stephenson of the New York 
City Opera Company. 

Organizations • 129 





American Humanics Seniors: Keena Williams, Rich Turbe, 
Cheryl Bohannon, Mitzi Fields, and Jeanna Forlines. 

130 • Organizations 


1st row: J. Petree, K. Moore, T. Green, R. Robertson, B. Garrett, R. Turbe, J. Danzi, K. Scott, M. 
Helds, K. Williams, C, Bohannon. 2nd row: M. Reyonlds, V. Scott, H. Henderson, J. Pugliese, 
A. McGee, S. Ouk, M. Lasky, J. Yu, E. Gilbert, Dr. Hyatt, N. Walker. 3rd row: B. Carter, N. 
Collings, D. Simmons, ). Forlines, S. Dillner, M. Gainey, B. McCarthy, M. Joyce, R, Allen, J. 
Mutchler, K.Bushko, H. Qubein, N. Vakakis, M. Lagger, M. Bames, P. Rastall, C. Boggess, J. 
Mackenzie, Dr. Goedeke, K. Beckett. 


Front: Shelby White, Hania Qubein, Melinda Smith, Ruth Ann Milam. 
Middle: Tanesha Green, Sallie Frame, Marnel Joyce, Carol Ann Stewart, 
Christina Hughes. Back: Kim Cox, Tracy Spurgeon, Stacy Hoe, Dawn 
Halvorsen, Stacy Littleton, Shelly Hedricks. 


Front: Jennifer Oltman, Melinda Smith, Tracy Spurgeon, Shelly 
Barnes, Chip Harris. Middle: Jenna Ferril, Stacy Littleton, 
Shelby White, Cher Frauenhoffer, Ruth Ann Milam. Back: 
Brad Fowler, Alisa McDonald, Eric Painter, Cindy Smith. 


Left: American Humanics stu- 
dents get their picture taken 
with Mickey at the MGM Stu- 
dios in Florida. 

Below: BSU students enjoy a 
song and fellowship. 

Above: Ruth Ann and Shelly 
shout it out. 

Left: Brian McCarthy shares 
his hat with a friend from the 
Boys & Girls Club at the NC 

Organizations • 131 




Always busy, Eddie Lee checks on the status of one of the 
university vehicles while working in the Safety Office. 


Front: Annette Leonard, Lorice Bell, Georgia Wetzel. 
Back: Eddie Lee, Rocio Siva, Chris Harwell. 



m m 

werf , ,mmti 

Front: Candy Cain, Jessica Wrenn, Alisa Hawler. 
Back: Tina Collins, Natasha Walker, Jacina Hayes. 


Sherry Patterson, Cynthia Romero, Hugh Jernigan, and 
Candace Romano. 

132 • Organizations 

Left: Natashaand Jessica work Below: Candace Romano gets 
on their moves. to know a local. 

Alisa Hawler:"You Go Girl!" 

Left: High Point University's 
own "Fly Girls." 

Organizations • 133 




Bret Jones secures an injured ankle. 

134 • Organizations 


1st row: Kevin Hampson, Jody Brown, Bret jones, Ashley White, Stacy 
Littleton, Laura Willard, Annemarie Francis, Ruth Brady, Jill Schroeder, 
Amy Cooke, Kara Murray, Nicole Neal. 2nd row: Alan Mulleady, Greg 
Mahaden, Danny Anderson, Brian Blacksten, Track Henry, Michael 
Brownlee, Pat King, Pat Michael, Sean Schwarting, Shelly Whitaker. 


1st row: Randy Gooch, Mary Routh, Jennifer Arnold, Tara Meade, 
Tanya Pratt, Claudia Bernal. 2nd row: Shannon Puffenberger, Barrett 
Black, Bryan Brawley, Mike Dyess, Dr. Leo Weeks. 3rd row: Dr. John 
Ward, Dr. Gerald Smith, Dr. Fred Yeats, Dr. Chuck Smith. 


Front: Rick Warren, Donna Shields, Shannon Puffenberger, 
Tanya Pratt, Susan Schneider, John Reitz, Dr. Wid Painter. 
Back: Dr. Charles Warde, Darren Jones, Dr. Gray Bowman, 
Chris Glover, Jim Sumner, Gerrick Gann. 

Below: Ice therapy is just 
Left: Loosening up after a hard what the doctor ordered for 
workout. Alan Seward. 


Above: Candy Cain becomes 
a "guinea pig" for some inter- 
ferential electrotherapy. 

Left: Tracy Henry observes Joe 
Hobbs as he works out on the 
Kin-Corn machine with Bret 
Jones supervising. 

Organizations • 135 



Dl K( 

Front: Stacy Littleton, Zandra Brown, Susan Kling. 
Back: Tom Simpers, Diana Kennedy, Kevin Fielder. 


1st row: Brett Carter (advisor). 2nd row: Paula Bowie, 
Detra Lacy, Susan Henderson. 3rd row: Christy Colston, 
Kim Deselles, Bill Grant, Chris Miles, Matt Reck. 


1st row: Kent Rosenberg. 2nd row: Clint Barkdoll, Joe 
Avent, Bill Beckman, Amy Morriss (advisor), Sam LeBron. 
3rd row: Matt Thompson, Criag Curty, Chris Murphy, 
Chas Singleton, Steve Steffle. 

Front: Amy Hutchinson, Melinda Smith, Tonia Stephenson, 
Julie Sauerbry. Back: Mark Stoneman, Susan Cupler, Leslie 
Fazio, Miche Frankin, Keith Anderson. 


Front: Lori Shockley, Ashley Brim, Gail Lofton, Edith Anne 
Pendergraf t, Cindy Meredith, Ashley Abrams. Back: Dr. Eliza- 
beth Dull, Bill Kilbride, Gary Cook, Mike Gillchrist, Sean 


Front: Randall Wiley, Tanesha Green, Dr. Laura Hyatt, Patricia 
Bradley, Kristy Scott, April Campbell, Elizabeth Gilbert. Back: 
Emily Hanania, Lori Shockley, Julie Street, Dr. Wayne Messer, 
Jen Howard, Amy Griffith, Kim Cox, Jeffrey Mutchler. 

136 • Organizations 





L-R: Ginger Fritz, Pam Poland, Sarah Mock, Lori Hartman, 
Brenda Matthews, Cindy Mayo, Jan Freeman, Ashley 


L-R: Ashley Darr, Sara Lamb, Jennifer Farlow, Mary Ann 
Malestrom, Christy Colston. 


Front: Gina Sink, Rosa Scarboro, Gwen Martin, Jeanna 
Thomas, Rita Hunt, Stephanie Batten. Back: Travis Last, 
Andrew Wade, Bill Miskovich, Chris Williams, Dr. Rich- 
ard Bennington. 

L-R: Gus Tague, Beth Palmer, Ann DeVaro, Sam 
Ranocchia, and Don Baker (advisor). 


L-R: Gus Tague, Ann DeVaro, Don Baker (advisor), Lisa 
Hamler, Beth Palmer, Gail Scott, Shane the Wonder Dog, 
and Sam Ranocchia. 


Front: Chila Simmons, Fia Perry, Lorice Bell, Quasheba Helms, 
Jacina Hayes, Paula Bowie, Detra Lacy, Valerie Henderson, Lisa 
Hamler, Fina West. Back: Brian Payne, Fony Flemming, Sean 
Jones, Al Booker, Fracey Henry, Eric Armstrong. 

Organizations • 137 

Right: Members of the Class of '92 anx- 
iously await the 'last lecture' and the 
granting of diplomas. 

Above: Stephanie Smith receives her di- 
ploma, best wishes and a handshake from 
Dr. Martinson. 

138 • Graduation '92 

Left: A well deserved congratulatory hug. 

Below: Dr. Martinson can breathe some- 
what easier now that the ceremonies are 
officially over. 

Graduation '92 • 139 

Right: A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see 
the ruins at Stonehenge - just one of the 
many sites High Point students saw while 
studying abroad. 


"Amazing," "Really cool," "A real edu- 
cation." These are just some of the 
terms used to describe the events, 
sites, and experiences enjoyed by 
those High Point students lucky 
enough to spend a semester in En- 
gland studying at Westminister Col- 
lege in Oxford. "It's neat because you 
actually get to scealot of sites that before 
you had only seen in books," says Sam 
Rankin. "You also get to meet people 
from different backgrounds and cultures, 
and to learn what things you have in 
common, as well as the differneces," 
says Angie Yerkes. 


Above: Studying abroad. Front Row: Kerry 
Keating, Tara Kane, Angie Yerkes, Connie 
Carroll. Back Row: Kim Cox, Shannon Heath, 
Greg Mattle, SamRankin, Dennis Carroll 
(with Bruce & Kelly Carroll). 

Right: Tara Kane and Shannon Heath 
stand in front of the Hard Rock Cafe in 

140 • Study Abroad 

Left: The entire High Point University 

Below: Tara Kane and Bruce Carroll get 
a "close up" look at Royal Guard life. 

Above: Livin' it up in London! 

Left: Shannon, Greg, Angie, Kim, Sam, 
Tara and Kerry go underground in Lon- 

Study Abroad • 141 

Below: Curtis Hoover, Lisa 
Farmer, Ruth Ann Milam, and 
Chip Harris strut their stuff as 
the C-24's, winners of the Lip 
Sync contest singing "Love 

Above: Lisa Farmer lets loose 
at the Lip Sync contest. 

Right: Louise Mandrell puts 
on another great show. 

142 Campus Events 

Below: Katherine Hill and 
Brett Carter act as the emcees 
at the Lip Sync contest. 



^H ■">.*? 


Jl 1SB 


II. it Si 



This year has been full of events both great and small. William F. Buckley, Jr. 
started the line-up by speaking in the Millis Center. The annual Crop Walk was 
held on Sunday, October 11th. Another big event was Louise Mandrell as she 
came in and kicked up her heels to benefit the new Millis Center. 

The Student Union Productions held its first annual Lip Sync contest on 
November 18th. On December 5, BCA, FCA and APO sponsored "A Day Out for 
the Homeless." Lessons & Carols and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting were 
held on December 9th, and the Midnight Breakfast was held on December 15th. 

jm i 

, re. 






Above: Dr. and Mrs. 
Martinson attend the annual 
Christmas tree lighting. 

Left: Louise Mandrell and 


D oint University 

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1992 

7:30 pm 

Millis Athletic Convocation Center 

Sponsored by - High Point University/ 

Panther Club 

Campus Events 143 

Right: Erin poses for the camera 

Below: "High Point University Educa- 
tion Office, Amy Griffith speaking." 

Above: Lisa Farmer tries to figure out 
how the Xerox machine works. 

Right: Ricky Lee Reynolds, using his 
mathematical skills, strictly enforces 
the shelving of books. 

144«Jobs On Campus 



of having an 
on-campus job? 

to make the education department's coffee." Amy Griffith 

to sample the food brought in by the professors." Erin Quinn 

to keep Dr. Warlick supplied with Coca-Cola Classics." Lisa Farmer 

to reshelve books in the wrong places." Ricky Lee Reynolds 

to ensure the mail is printed so students can throw it on the floor." Barry Kitley 

to support my eating habits." Colleen O'Brien 

to supply the needed man power for third floor Roberts." Angie Springstead 

to prepare for a career at a gas station." Eddie Lee 

to maintain Willard's sanity." Christy Colston 

to pay my parents the money I owe them." Kimberly Decellers 

Left: Berry Kitley, chief printer, tidies 
up the print shop. 

Above: Some people just take their 
jobs too seriously. 

Jobs On Campus* 145 

Laury Ann Lynch 

Laury Ann Lynch was a sister and friend to many 
at High Point. As a sister of Kappa Delta, Laury was 
a very active member. She held one of the most 
important council positions - that of Vice President of 
pledge education. The pledges learned from her by 
example: she strove to be the best - academically, 
physically, and spiritually. What she desired most 
was for everyone to get along. The love of Laury Ann 
Lynch remains among her sisters and friends as we 
hold on to our thoughts and memories of her. 

— Jennifer Walters 

McNamara and Jill Carpenter 
joined Laury for quick pic- 
ture before leaving for the Pi 
Kappa Alpha Drags Dance. 

Right: Sisters Laury, Caroline 
Mechler, Christine 
Onufreiczuk, and Lynne 
Drezinprepared to have lots 
of fun at the annual Kappa 
Delta Hawaiian Luau. 

• * 

Below: Laury and Jen Soos were always together, side by side 
as roommates, sisters, and best friends. 



8* £*• 



v «& 

Above: Sisters Jill Carpenter, Alison Chase, Juli Hutchins, 
Laury, Kara Via, and Jen Soos take a quick break from the 
White Rose Party, 

Laury Ann Lynch 146 

Below: Big Sister Laury and 
Little Sister Emily Lefler loved 
spending time together. 

Above: Little Sister Laury and 
Big Sister Lynne Drezin got 
ready to attend the Kappa 
Delta White Rose Dance in 
March 1991. 

Laury Ann Lynch 

December 14, 1971 
October 10, 1992 

Laury Ann Lynch 147 

Below: Ann and Vicki are 
cheery independents at HPU. 

Above: Hey, haven't you seen 
this kid before looking 
through a lens? 

Right: Suzi, an icon of free- 
dom at High Point. 

Below: Ryan comtemplates 
art and having his picture be- 
ing taken. 


Reflecting upon four years of independence at this wonderful institution, the 
word freedom immediately comes to mind . Not being affiliated with any specific 
Greek organization has afforded us many freedoms. As independents, we have 
the opportunity to be spontaneous. There are no set meetings or events of 
mandatory attendance restricting us. As independents, it takes initiative to be 
socially interactive with the so-called different groups on campus: jocks, Greeks, 
geeks, and freaks. Independents must seek their friends through this initiative, 
whereas other groups inherit friends. Moreover, after four years, we can honestly 
say that each organization seems to accept and appreciate our choice to remain 
independent. By being an independent, we're not a slave to our lives, but our lives 
become enslaved to our own hopes and dreams. 

—Amos & Sweeney 


Above: Bruce seems enthused 
to eat at Cafe de High Point. 

Left: Look at all those 

Left: What's this? A Repub- 
lican and a Democrat to- 
gether? Imagine that! 

Right: Mason Linker, Greg Pinsky, Ja- 
son Cobler and Tim Clark are sitting 
back having fun on a Thursday night at 

Below: The popular Alex's House sign. 
When High Point students see it, they 
can't help but stop in for a bite to eat. 

Above: Katie Peterman and Nicolle Terry 
enjoy an afternoon at the city lake. 

Right: High Point students take in a lunch 
at Alex's House. 

150 • Hot Spots 




for High Point students 

eing a student at High Point University warrants 
frequent visits to the famous Alex's House. Stu- 
dents can be found there at all hours of the day and 
night. Another popular spot especially on Thursday 
nights is Ham's. Everyone likes to watch games on 
the big screen TV and prepare for the festive week- 
end activities ahead. Other famous hot spots in- 
clude the lake and intramural field. Students like to 
throw the Frisbee, ride bikes and just relax with a 
group of good friends. 

Above: Shannon, Jimmy and Brian are hav- 
ing a great time at Ham's. 

Left: Terrence Donovan forks over some 
hard-earned dough to enjoy a meal away 
from campus. 

Hot Spots • 151 


The Best Part of the Week 

Yea! It's Friday afternoon and the weekend's fi- 
nally here. Friday nights usually consisted of off- 
campus parties, fraternity and sorority mixers, dances 
or sporting events. Saturdays were made for relax- 
ing. Movies and trips to Alex's were the norm for 
college students. Saturday nights students could be 
found participating in campus events such as con- 
certs, student productions and special guest appear- 
ances. Sundays were spent cramming for Monday 
assignments and recuperating from the weekend 
festivities. Overall the weekends at the High Point 
were spent having fun and making memories with 

Delta Sigma Phi fraternity brothers gives a big cheer for the 
Homecoming weekend. 

Above: Nicolle Terry, Trisha 
Carroll and Cindy Meredith 
show off their smiles. 

Right: Melissa Smith raises 
her hands to show her excite- 

152 Weekends 

Below: Brian Verrone and his 
date enjoy a Saturday evening. 

Above: Some like to utilize 
their weekends for doing do- 
mestic activities. 

Above: Julie Harter, Christina Gregerson, Allison Dartez and Mary Margaret Linker spend 
time together on weekends. 

Weekends 153 

154 Overview 

Overview 155 

156 Overview 

Overview 157 



As we come to the end of another year, we k 
back fondly on the memories we will earn 
ever. Friends, family, professors and all our pe 
have made an inevitable impact on our lives. 
High Point will forever be engraved on our 
souls. Wecarry a sense of incredible pride know- 
ing that our years have had a Point-ill shaping us 
into mature young adults. Whatever we may do 
j or wherever we may go, High Point University 
will always be a part of our journey. 

158 Overview